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This page explains the Four Foundations of the Fedora Project -- the core values of our community, if you will. The Four Foundations sprung from work on the Fedora marketing plan, and have replaced the old "infinity, freedom, voice" slogan. That slogan was a great way to build a logo but didn't help define the values of the Fedora community.


Freedom represents dedication to free software. We believe that advancing software freedom is a central goal for the Fedora Project, and that we should accomplish that goal through the use of the software we promote. By including free alternatives to closed source or proprietary code and content, we can improve the overall state of free software and limit the effects of closed or proprietary code on Fedora. Sometimes this goal prevents us from taking the easy way out by including proprietary or closed source software in Fedora, or using those kinds of products in our other project work. But by concentrating on the free software we provide and promote, the end result is that our releases are predictable and 100% legally redistributable for everyone, innovation in free software that can equal or exceed closed source or proprietary solutions, and a completely free project that anyone can emulate or copy in whole or in part for their own purposes.


Friends represents the strength of our community. The Fedora community is made up of people from all walks of life, working together to advance free software. There is a place in Fedora for anyone who wants to help, regardless of technical skill level, as long as they believe in our core values. Like any friends, we occasionally disagree on details, but we believe in finding an acceptable consensus to serve the interests of advancing free software. We believe in a strong partnership between Red Hat and our enormous volunteer community, since they both provide essential contributions that help Fedora succeed.