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  • Name: Francesco Crippa
  • Talk title: System Management with Func, Cobbler, Puppet & Symbolic
  • Track: Infrastructure Track
  • Topic:
    • Experience next generation system management with new technologies advancing to your system infrastructure, in terms of provisioning, configuration and system management. Throughout each of the three sessions you will be shown a brand new innovative and interesting technology and be shown how these integrate with the other technologies on show to ease your system administration.
  • Abstract:
    • Symbolic is an OpenSource Enterprise Platform designed to build, configure and manage your huge and global distributed data centers. Based on the best open source frameworks for these purposes (Cobbler, Func, Puppet), represents the state-of-the-art solution for a centralized datacenter management platforms.
  • Bio:
    • Francesco Crippa is a Solutions Architect at Byte-Code, a OpenSource oriented consulting firm in Italy, and a skilled professional with years of hands-on experience on Linux and Unix systems. Recently he specialized in design of configuration-management environments to support the delivering of large-scale, mission critical infrastructures based on RedHat technologies for famous enterprise companies in Italy and Europe. During this period he developed different OpenSource products to increase usability and manageability of "puppet" configuration management subsystem. He's also a Fedora Ambassador, Fedora EMEA Founder and RedHat Certified Architect (RHCA).
  • Picture::

File:FrancescoCrippa me round 128.png