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Frederic Hornain

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Important.png Currently Working on Xen virtual machines, Stateless, RH Clustering, SAML, Oracle 10g/XE, Java as well as mySql 5

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  • Hello, my name is Frederic Hornain.
  • I live most of the time in Belgium FredericHornain flag-be.jpg - Brussels - and sometimes in France {fr} - North/Lille/Rijsel -.
  • I am RH Linux and Databases Architect.
  • I am working at Axen [1] .
  • My Goal in the Fedora Project is to participate to this wonderful adventure.
  • Concerning my historical qualification ? Well, I am trying to do my best in all computers systems, applications and so on ... which interest me.

LinkIn link

Here you will get my linkedIn profile [2]

My Fedora Stuffs

Fedora Books Section
[wiki:Self:Books Books]

Fedora Slides
[wiki:Self:Marketing/Slides Slides] Here You should find My Fedora Presentation Slides :
File:FredericHornain - Open Office 1.0 version -
File:FredericHornain - Open Office 2.0 version -
File:FredericHornain UnixToFedoraLinux.pdf - PDF version -

Stop (medium size).png There are tentative slides and will need to be reviewed before being treated as authoritative.
Stop (medium size).png For compatiblity reasons, you should just remove the .zip extention in order to open file.

Fedora Education
[wiki:Self:Education Education]

How to reach me ?

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

  • Frappr: [3]
  • Email: [[MailTo(]
  • IRC Nick:FredHo Hang out in #fedora, #fedora-mktg
  • GPG KEYID and fingerprint: Note.png Available Asap.
"Linux? You can get a less powerful system, but it will cost you more."