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O programa FreeMedia do Projeto Fedora é uma iniciativa voluntária de Embaixadores Fedoras locais e contribuidores para distribuir mídias (DVDs) do Fedora de graça para indivíduos que não tem condições de comprar uma mídia (DVD/CD) ou baixá-la através da internet. Essa iniciativa não tem patrocínio por parte do Projeto Fedora. As mídias vem de voluntários ao redor do mundo que coordenam seus esforços usando à infraestrutura do Fedora. O número de discos é limitado pelos recursos de cada voluntário. Nós estamos constantemente buscando por mais Embaixadores Fedora e contribuidores para participar desse programa. Se você tem alguma pergunta sobre o programa FreeMedia, consulte Susmit, Neville, Frank ou Buddhike Kurera.
Onde conseguir mídias "CONTINUE LENDO"
Por favor, não envie requisições diretamente para os coordenadores do programa.
Obtendo ajuda
Se você precisa ajuda para resolver problemas ao ter recebido a mídia, por favor cheque

As seções seguintes descrevem como o programa FreeMedia funciona em detalhes.

Como o FreeMedia funciona


You use the form to request a Fedora CD\DVD This form captures requests from all people. This form does not include those countries that are listed as embargoed in the Export Matrix List. When you click "Create Ticket", the volunteers pick the closest request so the shipping costs are kept low.
Names and Address in English, the common language among volunteers

Time line

  1. When one user requests Media, a ticket is opened. The user receives an email confirming that the ticket is open.
    • Tickets may be closed due lack of description. The user will receives an email stating that the ticket has been closed
    • As we depend on voluntary resources, we cannot assure that every ticket will be fulfilled.
  2. When a FreeMedia Team Member accepts a request, the ticket will change from Status:new to Owner: someone and the requester receives an email,
    and may have to answer some questions, if you do not reply ticket will be closed., .
  3. The Member can take some time to burn the media and take it to the post office, sometimes up to ten days.
  4. When a FreeMedia Team Member sends the media, the team member closes the ticket and the user receives an email stating that the Media is on its way.
    • Shipping the media can take some time depending on where in the world the FreeMedia Team Member resides.
  5. Not all media is sent track and trace, it may be standard mail


  • One media per person per release + source media if requested.
  • Any duplicate requests will be cancelled.
  • If you're a Fedora Ambassador or Fedora Contributor, you will not receive any DVD via this program. Freemedia does not provide disks for events.
  • Please note that this is a volunteer initiative by local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors.
  • Please note we can't ship media to U.S. embargoed or restricted destinations. See Fedora Export Control Product Matrix
  • Per Fedora Project Board's recommendation , physical media with source code is available upon request.
  • Media is produced by volunteers, we don't ship media with commercial grade labels or printing.

Requisições em privado

  • The only way to get free media shipped via postal mail is the freemedia form.
  • Generally private requests for media shipping SHOULD NOT be accepted by fedora project contributors.
  • Contributors SHOULD do the following when they gets private requests:
    • If the requester lives near the contributor's place, the contributor may ask the requester to meet in person and get the media burned.
    • If not, the contributor should use reply.


Before you fill in the form, please remember that this program runs with limited resources. We ask that you use the form only if you cannot download media, attend an event, or get media elsewhere such as magazines carrying free disks, online vendor or local vendor. You can ask to an Ambassador (map) to point you in the right direction taking into account local options. By limiting form usage to people who are truly in need, we can make sure that our efforts are properly prioritized. As this is a voluntary effort we provide home made media, do not expect elaborated labels and printing. Thank you!

Here is the FreeMedia form. If you receive a CLOSED message, it means that we have filled all the requests we can handle this month, and you can try again next month.

You can also get a copy from (site down for maintenance)

Nos ajudando

Junte-se a nós

Freemedia is a wonderful idea and coordinates small contributions from people around the world to deliver media to those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy Fedora. All this is made using Fedora Infrastructure. If you like this concept, and you like Fedora, you can easily become a member. We ask for two disk monthly plus shipping, please consider joining the Freemedia team .

We appreciate all of the support and interest we have received so far, and we hope that more volunteers will step forward to help us increase our capacity and accept a larger number of requests.


  • For historical records, visit Fedora Free Media Program Archive page.