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Step #1 is optional and the decision to meet the requester is upon the contributor

Dear <Requester>,

It is nice to know that you want to try Fedora. Thank you for your interest.

However, private media requests are not encouraged in general so I won't be able to send you a media by post. The only way for getting a media by post is to request using the freemedia form[1].

But there are several other ways for getting the media, please find the options below:

  1. If you live near me, please meet me in person and get it burned.
  2. If not, please refer to OnlineVendor list[2] and LocalVendor list[3]. You can get media shipped to your address for a very reasonable price which is often less than $1 or equivalent of it in your local currency.
  3. You can also see if there is any event near your location.
  4. You can also see if there is any local magazine providing media with their latest issue.

Should you need any more information or clarification, don't hesitate to contact the freemedia team[4].

Hope you find this information useful.

Thanks and Regards,



[2] Distribution/OnlineVendors

[3] Distribution/LocalVendors

[4] FreeMedia