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The Free Software Generation Y is the design of disclosure of free software in the Generations Foundation. Every year one of its main goal of the instructor computer is promoting the use of free software, with its philosophy, scope, progress and development of students Generations Foundation and special guests. To this end, several open source communities organize events in which both test and use free and totally legal, free software on the computers of the Generations Foundation. Also, in parallel, are offered presentations, lectures and workshops on topics local, national and Latin American free software, with all its variety of expression: artistic, academic, business and social.

It is with great pride that this year's Software Generation Y will be held on 17 October 2012, only for students and special guests. Will feature lectures and workshops of the projects described below: Mozilla Firefox / Mozilla

openSUSE / openSUSE Community

Fedora / Fedora Project in Latin America

Mandriva Linux / Mandriva Conectiva

Ubuntu / Community Ubuntu

The event will be very important to offer students invited to participate in the development of communities of free software projects in them.


17 October 2012


Venue: Fundação Gerações City / State: São Paulo / Campinas Country: Brazil

Ambassador: Geraldo Barros | page user: [1]