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Tweets to be used for Thunder Clap (15th to 19th June 2015)

  • The 2015 APAC edition of FUDCon will be held at MIT COE, Pune from the 26-28 June. #fudconin
  • At FUDCon Pune, attend sessions ranging from technology introductions to deep dives. #fudconin
  • At FUDCon Pune, participate in hands-on workshops and sessions where like-minded people get together to discuss projects, technologies #fudconin
  • Be a part of Hack-fests where contributors work on specific initiatives, only at @fudconin #fudconin
  • 'Un-Conference' at Bar Camps where speakers (that could be you!) pitch topics they are interested in discussing at FUDCon Pune #fudconin
  • Fedora has the best people, professionals and developers working for it and they will all collaborate at @fudconin. See you there! #fudconin
  • FUDCon is not only about attending talks. It is about meeting people; about conversations; exchange of ideas; creating new things #fudconin