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Tweets to be used for Thunder Clap (15th to 19th June 2015)

  • The 2015 APAC edition of FUDCon will be held at MIT COE, Pune from the 26-28 June. #fudconin
  • At FUDCon Pune, attend sessions ranging from technology introductions to deep dives. #fudconin
  • At FUDCon Pune, participate in hands-on workshops and sessions where like-minded people get together to discuss projects, technologies #fudconin
  • Be a part of Hack-fests where contributors work on specific initiatives, only at @fudconin #fudconin
  • 'Un-Conference' at Bar Camps where speakers (that could be you!) pitch topics they are interested in discussing at FUDCon Pune #fudconin
  • Fedora has the best people, professionals and developers working for it and they will all collaborate at @fudconin. See you there! #fudconin
  • FUDCon is not only about attending talks. It is about meeting people; about conversations; exchange of ideas; creating new things #fudconin
  • FUDCon Pune 2015 has 13 hands-on workshops; 36 technology deep dives and 3 specialized don't miss it! #fudconin
  • FUDCon provides a continuous stream of content that is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of interests. #fudconin
  • Wanna learn GlusterFS and its features? Join the "Introduction to GlusterFS and its features" workshop, only at @fudconin #fudconin
  • FUDCon is not only about attending talks, it is about meeting people! #fudconin
  • FUDCon is a 3 day long understanding of various facets of Open Source, Collaborative culture and sharing of knowledge. #fudconin
  • Know why Docker can be a better choice than LXC and virtual machines in many scenarios at the "Running Project Atomic and Docker on Fedora" workshop, only at @fudconin
  • Join us for an open discussion on the role that Free and Open Source Software can play in education in India @fudconin #fudconin
  • @fudconin is a great opportunity for all professionals to engage with some of the best minds in the industry. #fudconin
  • Know about the requirements for Android Development in Fedora 21, at the "Android Development on Fedora 21" session, @fudconin #fudconin
  • Share ur learning's, experiences & ideas of future at @fudconin. . #fudconin #fedora June 26-28
  • #FUDConin15 Workshop on Unicode text rendering reference system from @kajha, @smaitratwit and Bhushan
  • #FUDConin Talk Improving thread synchronization in GlusterD(Daemon for Glusterfs) using Userspace RCU @mukherjee_atin
  • @mpduty will talk about setting up Fedora for developing Android apps in languages such as Python, C/C++, HTML and Java #fudconin15
  • Schedule of @fudconin 2015 is out: … #fudconin
  • Bar Camps, an 'un-conferencing' avenue, where people interested in a wide range of issues/topics can come together to share and learn @fudconin #fudconin
  • Know how you can initiate your own business providing support and professional services for your Open Source expertise at the ""Selling" Open Source 101" session @fudconin
  • At the "Lessons learned from Bijra project" session, discover how a contributor's simple work effects the life of remote Indian students. #fudconin
  • Lean the ease of internationalization testing and contributing feedback by using the UTRRS framework at the "Workshop on UTRRS" @fudconin #fudconin