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This is the main page for the 2016 Fedora 24 Translations virtual Fedora activity day. This is also one form of Localizatoin sprint.


Translating Fedora 24 User Interface, Docs and making sure Fedora 24 is available in language you speak.

Task list:

  • Translating packages

When & Where

Translation virtual FAD is happening in between Software string freeze to Translation deadline. This is exact period in Fedora 24 development cycle and 100% chance to get your contributions in final Fedora 24 release.

2016-03-08 Software String Freeze 2016-04-05 Software Translation Deadline

  • TBD: Date and time frame
    • 3 days (Thu/Fri/Sat) or 1Week?


* Translation priority list

    • We have so many things to translate and very limited contributors. Need prioritize list of translation list.
    • Minimum percentage to call language is supported.
    • Please add your name here [Your Name]

* Zanata readiness

    • Zanata should be ready to accept translations, more specifically group list for vFAD should be clearly mentioned. To make contributors life easy.
    • Please add your name here [Your Name]

* Outreach

    • Communicate message through available social media options.
    • Magazine, Community blog, mailing lists, social media groups.
    • Please add your anme here [Your Name]

* Rewards

    • How to rewards our contributors?
    • Please add your anme here [Your Name]

* Operations

    • Helping hands during vFAD days
    • Please add your anme here [Your Name]

* Effective closing

    • Final reports, percentage of translations.
    • Please add your anme here [Your Name]