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If you are willing to participate for GCI 2012 with Fedora project please read the following with care and follow them.

This page may updated with no prior notice therefore keep your eye on this and make it a habit to check this before working on a new task.

Minimal Requirements


  • Mentors are not full-time for GCI. They also should manage their day job therefore do not expect everything from mentors.
  • Sometimes response will be delayed for maximum 1 day.
  • Consider timezone as well.

Submission of work

  • All files should be uploaded to Google-Melange, do not upload to other places and put the link.
  • Use following name convention
    • File name for Nth time submission for reviews - Submission_N_(rest of the file name).extension
    • Final submission once accepted the review - Final_(rest of the file name).extension
  • ZIP files if there is more than 1 file to be uploaded
  • Every work should be supported by source code or design file, which should be uploaded to Google-melange once the work passes the review.