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Tasks which are related with Documentation/Training

  • Task Topic: Needy help for "Communicating_and_getting_help" wiki page
    • Task Description: Some help is required to organize the wiki page with some updates. The student has to go though the wiki and find out what channel is working and what is not, update the page accordingly. The mentor will help the student to determine what is active and what is not, therefore without changing the wiki page just go for a draft page, contact the mentor before you start the work, he will guide you step by step.
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : Communicating_and_getting_help , Wiki Editing
    • Mentor : User:Bckurera
    • Competencies : Wiki syntax
    • Tags : Documentation, Wiki

  • Task Topic: Write an article introducing new features that will be releasing with F18
    • Task Description: F18 will be releasing soon, therefore write an article introducing new features which include in next release. Search about Fedora wiki and get help from mentor to get to know about the new features in next release. Try Fedora release (alpha, or the newest) and include screenshot. It is required to experience the features and then write about them.
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : F18_Alpha_release_announcement
    • Mentor : User:Bckurera
    • Competencies : Install Linux
    • Tags : Documentation

  • Task Topic: Create a video tutorial showing How to Install Fedora 18
    • Task Description: Create a video tutorial in English showing that how Fedora 18 can be installed. You can run Fedora on a virtual machine and record the screen and add some voice.
    • Links for more info (if there is any) : -
    • Mentor : User:Bckurera
    • Competencies : Install Linux, Video editing
    • Tags : Training, Video guide