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The Grace Hopper Celebration 2014 will held in Phoenix, Arizona October 8-10, 2014

Activities include talks, presentation, add-hoc lunch table talks, parties, expo, job fair. There is typically a FOSS booth.

TODO: Determine if is there interest in a Fedora precence (handouts, volunteers, banner, etc) at the FOSS booth (find contact) Or interest in a separate Fedora booth (deadlines to be investigated)

Open Source Day

Grace Hopper Open Source Day (co-located with GHC) will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on Wed October 8, 2014

GHC Open Source Day 2014 registration

It would be nice for Fedora to have an activity day at this event.

The organizing committee is still being formed. Meanwhile, read about past events at: ghc13FAQ



Arrivals and Departures

Chart for knowing when folks are arriving or departing, by plane, train, car, roller skates, or otherwise.

Who Arrive (Flight-Time) Departure (Flight-Time) Comments Ridesharing
Susan Lauber Air Tues afternoon (TBD) 10/7/2014 Air Sat morning (TBD) 10/11/2014