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Summary of idea: The [web application] is used by QA to track bugs which are currently blocking release, proposed as blocking release or could be pulled into the release past a code freeze. While the app itself already exists, there are many features which we would like to see implemented including (but not limited to):

  • Creating a RESTful API
  • Tracking contents of TC/RC spins
  • migrating css to zurb foundation 4
  • search functionality
  • improve the update sync process
  • implement CI tools (make-ish file that runs pylint, tests etc.)
  • integrate email (on error, on proposal, other thoughts ...)
  • integrate fedbus (blocker X proposed, accepted, rejected)
  • fix the admin interface so that it actually works

Knowledge prerequisite: Some python experience is required, the app is written with Flask so some experience with that would be helpful

Skill level: Intermediate

Contacts: Tim Flink (tflink)

Mentor(s): Tim Flink (tflink)