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1. Contact Information

  • Your name: Charith Lakmina
  • FAS Account: charithhewage
  • Fedora userpage: User:charithhewage
  • Email Address:
  • Blog: techmoods
  • Freenode IRC Nick: charithhewage

2. Why Fedora

Open source is my passion. As a final year undergraduate student, I have been using open source applications more than 3 years. Hence, fedora projects are my favorite choice. I prefer to work with fedora projects to improve my knowledge. Glitter Gallery is an open source Github for designers which was developed by fedora design team. So I decided to contribute for that project by improving the functionality and features to gain the success of the project. UX and UI designing are my key areas. So I am looking forward to connect with other professional designers to discover new ideas and concepts. Also I prefer to work as a team in every one of my projects. So working with fedora design team is a good opportunity to improve my team working skills. My aim is to be a long term contributor in several areas with fedora team.

3. Past involvement with Fedora/Open Source

I have experienced on several projects based on PHP, Ruby, Java, Javascript as well as many Open source frameworks/ libraries and Content Management Systems. I am really excited to contribute for a fedora project to improve my Open Source adventures.

As a starting point I have fixed some bugs and improvements to Glitter Gallery summer project which I expected to contribute. Also I hope to fix more bugs within the community bonding period before the summer.

4. Past participation in GSoC

I applied for the GSoC program last year, though I was not selected unfortunately.

5. Contribution to Fedora projects after GSoC

In my proposal I have suggested few enhancements to be implemented with Glitter Gallery. But this coding period will not be efficient to cover all those ideas. I have discussed with the project mentors who