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This page is yet to be updated for the current year.
Students should at least complete following steps on or before 25 March (1900 UTC) to get qualified their submission as valid submission;
  1. have subscribed with the summer-coding mailing list
  2. owns a FAS account
  3. application is available on the Fedora project wiki
  4. application is submitted to the google site

Missing one of above will result in rejecting your application. Therefore please be extra careful.

Learn about the program

Find a project

  • Find a project idea from the main idea page.
  • Students can propose their own idea to the community

Start communicating

  • Begin communicating with the community. Other members of the community can help you refine your idea, and you may meet potential mentors. You should contact sub-projects within the community that can provide mentors for your project idea, and you should join,

Set up an account

If you do not already have an account in the Fedora Account System, create one.

Create your Application

  • Navigate the following URL, replacing <UserName> with your fedora username<UserName>&action=edit

  • Populate the form on this page with the contents of the following, filling in the necessary details:
  • Paste the content from the template page to your wiki page,

(make sure to _omit_ the <pre> tags)

  • Save the page and then click 'watch this page' at the top
  • Do not forget to add Summer coding <year> category to your page, for example for 2016: [[category:Summer coding 2016]]

If you need help visit GSOC_2016#Communication and/or view the sample proposal at GSOC_2012/Student_Application_Bckurera

Proceed Further

If you have followed instruction at the above then you have started the first step, you need to refer to GSOC_2016/Student_Application_Process and continue.

Let others know

Let others know about your submission by forwarding your application URL with a brief description about your proposal to the summer-coding mailing list.

Keep communicating

  • We cannot overstress the importance of communication. Keep talking, and listening, to the discussion group, to the sub-projects relevant to your proposal and to potential mentors. Be patient, as mentors and other contributors are often very busy people.