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This page is under construction.
If you check back next Wednesday, it will likely have a lot more content - or feel free to edit and help us build it!

This page is for students, mentors, sub-projects, and upstreams working with the Fedora Project or on the Google Summer of Code 2010

The Google program website is found here:

You are a student

This section is for students interested in contributing to the Fedora Project or through the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

If you have an idea or want to participate through Fedora or, you should already be looking around the community and communicating.

Are you already working in the Fedora or JBoss communities?

Students who are users, participants, or contributors in the Fedora and JBoss communities are encouraged to participate in GSoC through Fedora/JBoss.

Do you have ideas for what you'd like to see in the project?

Are you working in an area of the project that might want to mentor you for your GSoC work? For example, if you write for the Fedora Documentation Project or translate for the Fedora Localization Project, talk with your group to see if there are ideas you can turn in to a student proposal, with another sub-project member as the mentor.

Do you have an idea you need a mentor for?

People can be most passionate about an idea that is their own. That passion can be what helps you get through the hard part of the project.

Do you know what person or sub-project in JBoss or Fedora that might be the mentoring group for your idea?

You need to do these two things:

  1. Contact the relevant sub-project for your idea or contact the discussion group. Be prepared to explain your idea, receive input and criticism, and grow (or reduce) the idea so it has the best chance of being accepted for the Summer of Code.
  2. Get your idea in to the GSoC proposal tool when it is open. Read their FAQ for more information.

Do you want to start from ideas mentors already have?

You are a mentor

Are you committed to working with all parties?

You are an upstream

Has a student brought a project idea to you?

Do you have one or more ideas you want exposed to students?

Are you committed to working with all parties?