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Rogue was the first single player dungeon exploration game with a cursor-addressable terminal interface. The graphics in rogue are ascii characters displayed in a simple terminal window. The dungeons in rogue are randomly created, resulting in an unpredictable game every time you play.

Installation instructions

$ su
# yum -y install rogue
# exit


rogue can be started using the desktop icons. You can also start it from the command line using the rogue command. The rogue(6) manpage describes the limited command line options available. While the game is running you can type ? followed by any character to find out what command that character represents. Here are a few of the more common commands:

h move left
j move down
k move up
l move right
s search for trap or secret door
t throw an item (or fire an arrow)
w wield a weapon
W Wear armor
<esc> cancel command

A more complete player's guide can be found in /usr/share/doc/rogue/rogue54.html


The environment variable ROGUEOPTS can be used to configure many runtime aspects of the game. After starting the game type 'o' to view and set a list of game options.