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A text-based roguelike game based on the original Larn. Travel through dungeons collecting weapons, killing monsters, in order to find and sell the Eye of Larn to save your sick daughter before your time runs out. Ularn is easier to finish than nethack and rogue, but offers multiple skill levels. Once you finish the game at level 1, the next time you start at level 2. Additionally, the game charges you tax on any gold that you have when you win the game, starting you off at a disadvantage the next time you play.

Installation instructions

$ su
# yum -y install ularn
# exit


ularn can be started using the desktop icons. You can also start it from the command line using the Ularn command (note the capital 'U'). Run Ularn -h to get a list of command line options. While the game is running you can type ? to get a list of game commands.

h move left
j move down
k move up
l move right
w wield a weapon
W Wear armor
D List all items found
c Cast a spell
S Save and exit game


The file $HOME/.Ularnopts can be used to set some runtime aspects of the game. After starting the game type ? to see a list of game options that can be set.