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Battle for Wesnoth

File:Games wesnoth ss wesnoth02.jpg Turn-based Tactics and Strategy Game with a Fantasy Theme!

Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host against whom none can stand. Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.

General Information

  • Name: wesnoth
  • Official URL:
  • Type: Tactics and Strategy Game
  • Repository: Fedora Extras
  • License: GPL
  • Download Size: Approximately 277MB
  • Installed Size: 277MB

Installing and Running

Battle for Wesnoth is available under the Fedora Extras Community repository, and can be installed using the yum tool. To install, either use a front-end tool (like yumex) or issue the following command in a terminal as root:

yum install wesnoth

This will grab the game and all its dependencies from the Internet, so you need to be connected to the Internet. After installing, you can run the program under the menu:

Applications -> Games -> Tactics and Strategy -> Battle for Wesnoth

Or press ALT+F2 on your desktop (or go to a terminal like gnome-terminal and konsole), type (wesnoth), and press Enter.


The default configuration should be fine with modern systems. You are able to just start the game and play. By default the game starts on fullscreen mode, but later you can configure it to run on a windowed mode with a chosen resolution. The default location to store files for configuration, preferences, savegames and others is the .wesnoth folder under your HOME directory, but you don't need to edit these files manually because all configuration can be done within the game.

Once the game is run, basic configuration can be done in the Preferences option under the main menu. There, you can configure some of these options:

  • General - Configuration related to gameplay. This includes the screen scroll speed, animation speed, dialogs, colors and grid. You can also set some hotkeys to use during the game, but the default should be fine for most of the players;
  • Display - You can configure brightness (gamma), eye-candy options, fullscreen mode and the resolution (video mode) for the windowed mode;
  • Sound - Here you can disable and/or enable sound effects and music in the game. You can also set the volume for them;
  • Advanced - These advanced options should not be changed unless you know what you're doing. The default is fine for a working gameplay.

Game Options

Some extra options for gameplay are available within the command-line method. You can execute these options with tmw --option, where option is one of the following: Most of the game options are not needed since all can be done within the game. However, there are some extra options for gameplay within the command-line method. You can execute these options with wesnoth --option, where option is one of the following:

  • --fullscreen - Start the game in fullscreen mode (default)
  • --windowed - Start the game in windowed mode
  • --test - Test mode: runs the game in a small sample scenario for testing
  • --debug - Show debugging information in-game (recommended for developers)
  • --version - Prints game version and exits
  • --nocache - Disables caching of game data (not recommended)
  • --nosound - Disables sounds
  • --help - Prints more options


The Battle for Wesnoth is a tactics and strategy game. The basic gameplay consists in a scenario field (like a board), a leader and some troops. Each scenario has its own rules and objectives. Once in the game, you control a leader and recruit troops to attack the enemy and conquer the scenario objective.

There are three main types of gameplay in the game:

  • Tutorial - This introduces the player on how to play The Battle for Wesnoth. You'll be Konrad, a beginning leader, followed by the wisdom of Delfador, an old wizard. Once you play in the Tutorial Mode, you'll get tips on how to play, spend resources, recruit troops, move and win the objectives. This is the recommended way for learning how to play the game, and this mode also introduces the player for the first Campaign: Heir To The Throne. Play this first.
  • Campaign - The Campaign Mode gives a single-player story for playing, each with its own story and main characters. The first one is the Heir To The Throne and is perfect for beginning to play the game and know the main story for the game.
  • Multiplayer - You can join the official Internet server to create or join games with multiplayer scenarios, and play games with other players all around the world! You can also create or join a LAN (Local Area Network) game and play a multiplayer map with the CPU (AI).

Game Controls

While playing a scenario, you can control most of your actions with your mouse. Clicking with the mouse's left-button on some unit will toggle its move path, or will attack someone if it's near the enemy and you clicked on it. When you right-click with the mouse, the game will show you some actions, like undo your moves, mark a location, go to the next unit, and in case you're right-clicking in a castle with a leader, recruit or recall units. Basic game control is explained under the game's Tutorial Mode.

However, there are some keys that helps you play the game. Here are some of them:

  • CTRL+A - Accelerated action (game animations go much faster)
  • CTRL+F - Toggle fullscreen mode on/off
  • CTRL+G - Toggle map grid on scenario on/off
  • CTRL+O - Load Game
  • CTRL+S - Save Game
  • C - Default Zoom on Scenario
  • Z - Zoom In the Scenario
  • X - Zoom Out the Scenario
  • U - Undo your last action (subject to the scenario)
  • R - Redo your last Undo action (subject to the scenario)
  • N - Go to the next available unit for the current turn
  • M - Talk (useful on multiplayer mode)
  • ALT+SPACE - End the current turn
  • ESC - Quit Game

These and other keys are listed on the hotkeys section under Preferences -> General -> Hotkeys.

Online Players Guide

The Battle for Wesnoth constains a very complete wiki containing guides on playing most of the gameplay and campaigns. You can access it through the link:


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