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"What would ya say ya do here?"


Red Hat duties

Fedora Governance

I was responsible for building the Fedora governance model as it currently exists; the goal has always been to build a structure that empowers non-RH employees to work as effectively in the Fedora community as Red Hat employees do. Results are mixed, but generally positive.  :)

Principles I've come to live by:

  1. If it can't be run effectively by a non-Redhatter, then it shouldn't bear the Fedora name.
  2. It's okay for the community to be disappointed -- but it's never okay for the community to be surprised.

Stuff I've done:

Other Governance Experience

Keynotes / Presentations / Interviews

  • An interview of me by the folks at from May 2009
  • An interview of me by Armen Zambrano at SIGCSE 2009 (flash video, sorry about that)

Doing my best to track all of these down. It'll take a while.  :)