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Spin Name

Fedora Geo Spin


Fedora Geo Spin is a collection of mapping tools that run on Fedora. This includes tools for map making, integration into OpenStreetMap, and components that can be run on a GPS enabled device.


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Detailed Description

Fedora Geo Spin will fill several interrelated goals, with the side goal of giving Fedora more exposure to a hobbyist segment. Marketing speak aside:


  • This spin will include map making tools that integrate with OpenStreetMap. This will enable map makers to use Fedora as a platform for cartography.
  • The end goal is an ISO and kickstart that can be depolyed to work with most cartography setups.

OSM Mapping Parties

  • With integration with OpenStreetMap, Fedora can be used at OSM Mapping Parties to enable any laptop to be set up for mapping, using a LiveCD or LiveUSB.
  • Because of the quality cartography tools, participants will be able to get to work right away, rather than spending half a day configuring laptops
  • Using LiveUSBs, and a USB Key Station loaded with Fedora Geo Sig, participants will be able to take their key home with their setup, and continue working on it after the party

Geo Tools Developers

  • Integration with developer tools for developing other programs that work with GPS devices. This may lead to a developer subspin that integrates development libraries and tools including for GPS devices
  • This probably includes a group in comps for handling Geo related libraries and the development counterparts

MIDs, GPS devices, Netbooks, etc...

  • Integration with MIDs and other devices that can be enabled with a GPS, to cater to hobbyists such as geocachers, as well as providing a fully open source GPS navigation solution.
  • Requires some low resolution, possibly alternate input device friendly interface to integrate on top of some of the decent netbook software out there.

Benefit to Fedora

By enabling Fedora to be used easily in these four niches, we will also expose Fedora to many users and developers that might not otherwise visibly see Fedora.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-Geo
  • Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-Geo-Live
  • Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-Geo-MID-Live


See also the Fedora GIS page.

  • JOSM - Java OSM mapper, needs to be packaged for Fedora (I'm working on this -- AndrewOverholt)
  • Probably other stuff for now

Scope / Testing

For now, this spin is just a collection of packages.

Comments and Discussion