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Same.jpg I have good leadership abilities, I have an excellent charisma level, I am honest, loyal & hardworking. If whenever in my life I've decided to do something then no one can stops me doing that because I put all of my skills & abilities to complete it.

I always willing to work for my country to help people, my objective is to change the thoughts of people about the Pakistan, what Pakistan is, what we can do?, what are our strengths & how we can compete with other nations in the world.

Well! Being as one of the youth representative of the pakistan I must have to take some steps in helping the Pakistan prosper. I can help the sudents in choosing their discipline to study. As well as this is my duty to be loyal with Pakistan & take those steps which can lead us to properity and success. In addition i must be awar of the world's latest trends, techs & other upgrades as we have to compete not only with the natives but also with the world.