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I'm fairly new to Fedora and I want to support the project as good as I can. First attempt will be the localization to German.

My experience with linux started with:

  • (open-)suse, moved to
  • centOS and finally moved to
  • fedora ;-)

IT related experience in a nutshell:

  • perl, Ruby (currently starting with it)
  • Apache, mod_proxy
  • linux server administration
  • databases PostgreSQL, MaxDB
  • IT service management (ITIL associate)
  • social skills (2 years teamleader)

I got my bachelor/master in "applied informatics" (in German "technische Informatik") in 2001. Afterwards I was employed as a developer/db-admin and I got some experience in Perl (currently starting with Ruby) and much more in administrational stuff and operating a data center.

I'm very addicted to postgresql as database backend for different tools and productive systems. Additionally I invested some time in addon-products for postgresql, like pg-pool (check the beginners documentation here: [1] )

I'm always on search for open-source tools/products, currently I'm evaluating a ticketsystem with integrated CMDB (I'm pretty sure OTRS will do the job...)

please get in contact via mail: koenig dot ulm at googlemail dot com