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I'm very happy in using Fedora, thereby it's reasonable to support the project. Currently active in localization team Germany.

My experience with linux started with:

  • suse, then opensuse, moved to
  • centOS and finally moved to
  • fedora ;-)

IT related experience in a nutshell:

  • perl, Ruby (currently starting with it)
  • Apache, mod_proxy
  • linux server administration
  • databases PostgreSQL, MaxDB
  • IT service management (ITIL associate)
  • social skills (2 years teamleader)

I got my bachelor/master in "applied informatics" (in German "technische Informatik") in 2001. I started working as a developer/db-admin and I got some experience in Perl (currently starting with Ruby) and afterwards I moved to administrational stuff and operating a data center. Finally I switched to more "strategic" things like "Service Management" and various projects regarding this (servicedesk, deployment process, ...)

I successfully introduced a servicedesk application => "OTRS", which is quite easy to install and setup for the first steps. Since it is written in Perl you can modify whatever you want (o.k., some experience needed, but the mailinglist for OTRS is very helpful)

I'm very addicted to postgresql as database backend for different tools and productive systems. Additionally I invested some time in addon-products for postgresql, like pg-pool (check the beginners documentation here: [1] )

I'm always on search for open-source tools/products.....recently I started working with Jetty as ServletEngine and Solr (including Lucene) as fulltext searchengine

please get in contact via mail: gkoenig at fedoraproject dot org