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No. Name T-Shirt Size Comments Accommodation
1 Hiemanshu Sharma XL NA Required


The following sessions would be good to have. The intent is to have a room to ourselves and, run the participants through the bits and pieces that make them into a good developer. We will encourage the participants to come with their own laptops and, as a back-up we would provide copious notes and, links for further reading

No. Session Title Summary Presenter Notes
An overview from 10,000 feet What Open Source is about; introduction to the Fedora project ' '
Community and Communication How communication provides the 'Open'; F2F, synch and async communication; communication tools; synthetic third culture. ' '
Setting up the contributor workbench Obtaining source, build environment and tools, build systems, building ' '
RPM Packaging Basics What they are, how to use them, and how to create them ' '
Let the Bugzilla be your friend Introduction to Bugzilla, what is a bug?, bugzilla basics, writing a good bug/comment, review, bugmail ' '
Debugging, Testing, Patching Debugging tools and techniques overview/ demo, debug and release builds, source servers, debuggers, stack traces, testing and patching ' '
How to learn QA and Testing Introduction to Fedora QA, tools, tricks and tips ' '
Wrap-up Session Wrapping up for the day and, ways to keep the conversation going ' '

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Please take up any item that you can. Also add if you want anything.
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