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Download and Build Instructions

  • Note that although the base platform is open source, the software shipped on any actual product likely contains proprietary components, e.x. for the HTC Dream with a qualcomm MSM7K system-on-a-chip: "...The Dream device software contains some proprietary binaries.

For contractual reasons, these cannot be redistributed separately from the shipping hardware, but the provided script may be used to extract these binaries from your development device so that they can be correctly included in your build. These libraries include the openGL|ES library, the Qualcomm camera library, the HTC Radio Interface Library, etc."

Build Dependencies In Fedora

yum -y install glibc-devel.i586 zlib-devel.i586 ncurses-devel.i586 libX11-devel.i586 readline-devel.i586

GCC 4.4 Patches