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= Greg DeKoenigsberg =
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Hi.  I'm GregDeKoenigsberg.  I do open source community work for Red Hat.
You can reach me at gdk at redhat dot com.
Here's all the stuff I care about, or am nominally "responsible" for.
== Fedora Marketing ==
For now, I'm acting as the cat herder for the Fedora marketing team.  The documents that we use to manage our meetings:
* [[Marketing/Tasks| The task list]] , where we keep track of who has promised to do what (tactical)
* [[Marketing/MarketingPlan| The master marketing plan]] , where we define our long-term plans (strategic)
* [[Marketing/Meetings| Meeting page]] , where we collect meeting minutes and so forth.
== Red Hat Community Architecture Team ==
[[CommunityArchitecture| Our team]]  serves as Red Hat's consultants for building strong communities.  I'm responsible for particular pieces of this effort:
* [[CommunityArchitecture/Leads| Lead management]]  for potential partners in community efforts.
* [[CommunityArchitecture/KeyProjects| Community consulting]]  for particular Red Hat / Fedora communities who need a boost.
== Interesting Reading ==
If you really want to understand the value of open source in the business world, I recommend the following reading materials:
* Open Source Software: Free Provision of Complex Public Goods by [ James Bessen, Boston University]
* The Architecture of Participation by [ Kim Clark and Carliss Baldwin, Harvard Business Schoool]
* Software Industry vs. Software Society by [, Michael Tiemann, VP of Open Source Affairs, Red Hat]

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