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This page documents how Fedora releases should be named.


  • Names are suggested by the community.
    • The fedora-devel-list mailing list was previously used for suggestions.
    • Beginning with Fedora 11, name suggestions are solicited through a wiki page.
  • To suggest a name, a community member must:
    • Show how the name meets the "is-a" test. For example, "Schnozz is a ____, and so is Keister."
      • Names for releases N and N+1 must be related, and names for releases N and N+2 cannot share the same relationship.
      • The "is-a" relationship must be reasonably novel. For example, "is a brand of automobile" is reasonably novel. The relationship "is a brand of automobile only manufactured in Uzbekistan" is much better. The relationship "is a word with seven letters" is not sufficiently novel.
      • Preference is given to names showing relationships never before used in a release.
      • Names of living people or well-known trademarks or goods will be rejected by Red Hat Legal. Try to find a more unusual link.
    • Document preliminary searches showing the name is not encumbered by trademarks or other use that makes it a bad or risky choice.
  • Names are vetted:
    • by the Fedora Design team for applicability to theming
    • by the Fedora Board to make sure the name ballot is of sufficient size and composition.
      • Typically, the Board has a private vote on the entire name roster (after initial vetting)
      • The top results are sent on to Legal.
    • by the Red Hat Legal department for a more intensive trademark search
  • The final release name is decided through a community vote.
  • Problems are resolved through the Fedora Board and the FPL.

Suggestion table

The first row is a template provided for educational purposes only.

Name "Is a..." Links out Tested Initial Approval Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved
Your suggestion -- this is a dummy foobarific muttonchop frobozz, whatsit Checkmark.png
Yokuts Indian Tribe that settled Visalia CA, Robert Laughlin was born in Visalia, CA Yokuts, Laughlin

Release Names