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A hackergotchi is a picture of a writer used as an avatar to identify the author of a given RSS feed in blog aggregators like Planet Fedora

You can create your hackergotchi yourself, or have someone from the Design Team do it for you.


You are free to design your hackergotchi as you like. However to maintain a consistent look on Planet Fedora we generally use the following guidelines:

  • Hackergotchis only have a head, no neck.
  • They have a transparent background.
  • The size of most hackergotchis is around 100px. New hackergotchis made by the Design Team are sized 120px by 120px, which we recommend. Anything from 100px to 120px is fine, though.
  • Use a drop shadow, with an X and Y offset of 1 px and a blur radius of 4 px.
  • The clearer the original photograph is, the better! High resolution images also make it easier to cut out the head.

Helpful links

If you want to create your own hackergotchi, nicubunu's tutorial might be helpful.

To have the Design Team create a hackergotchi for you, enter a request at the Artwork/HackergotchiService.

A gallery of all the hackergotchis in use on Planet Fedora can be found on the Heads page.