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[edit] Dell XPS M1330 Hardware Page

The major hardware components of this laptop basically work in Fedora 12.

[edit] Version of Fedora Tested

  • Fedora 12

[edit] Configuration Tested

  • CPU: XPS M1330 - Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 (2.2GHz/800Mhz FSB, 4MB Cache)
  • Memory: 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
  • Display: Slim and Light LED Display with 0.3 MP (640x480) Omnivision Webcam
  • Graphics: 128MB NVIDIA® GeForce 8400M GS
  • Hard Drive: 160GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
  • Network Card: Integrated 10/100 Network Card
  • Optical drive: CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW Drive), slot load
  • Sound: High Definition Audio 2.0
  • Wireless: Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N Mini-card
  • Battery: 56Whr Lithium Ion Battery (6 cell)
  • Fingerprint Reader: Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth capability (2.0 EDR)
  • Other: 9-in-1 media card reader, IR remote that fits in Express PCM slot

[edit] What works

  • 1280x800 display resolution in X
  • Standard keyboard features
  • Trackpad, including scrolling regions and tap-to-click
  • Wireless
  • Media keys: eject, previous track, stop, play/pause, next track, mute, volume decrease, volume increase.
  • Brightness up/down keys (fn-up, fn-down)
  • Ports: ethernet, 2 USB, stereo headphones
  • Built-in speakers
  • Webcam
  • 9-in-1 card reader (tested on 256 MB MultiMediaCard)
  • CD/DVD drive
  • IR remote control. The remote control fits in the express PC card slot. It works for volume control, forward-backward of presentations, and pause-play-next in Rhythmbox.
  • Hibernate/suspend key (Fn+F1)
  • Battery info (Fn+F3)
  • CRT/LCD key for VGA out (Fn+F8)
  • "Home" media button to open nautilus in home folder
  • CPU scaling
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Wireless Kill Switch

[edit] Not Tested

  • HDMI out
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless with WPA authentication
  • DVD playing
  • Media cards other than MMC

[edit] Wireless

This can be enabled with ndiswrapper and a Windows driver. See http://alumnus.caltech.edu/~hamkins/M1330_fedora_12.html#wireless for details.