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This is the successor of Smolt project.


Check hardware devices operability, collect logs and find drivers.

The Fedora Hardware Database is automatically created based on hardware probes collected by this RPM package or by this flatpak.

It is a part of the global Linux Hardware Database, the successor of Smolt project. The database is mirrored to a Github repository for statistical analysis by third parties.


# dnf install hw-probe

For RHEL/CentOS version 6 and 7 the package is available as well in the EPEL repository:

# yum install epel-release


Submit your hardware:

# hw-probe -all -upload


   Probe for hardware ... Ok
   Reading logs ... Ok
   Uploaded to DB, Thank you!
   Probe URL:

Decode ACPI tables (requires acpica-tools package):

# hw-probe -all -upload -decode-acpi

Perform simple graphics tests (requires mesa-demos package):

# hw-probe -all -upload -check

Import created probes to a local directory:

# hw-probe -import ./Directory_to_save_index

Reports backup

All collected reports are anonymized and dumped to this Github repository:


By creating a hardware probe you contribute to the "HDD/SSD Real-Life Reliability Test" and "Devices with poor Linux-compatibility" studies.


Private info is not collected. See privacy notes.