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=== Fedora 8 (Werewolf) ===
=== Fedora 8 (中文译名:狼人)(Werewolf) ===
* Werewolf is the name of a movie about a dude who turns into a werewolf.  A werewolf also has an adverse reaction (death) when it comes into contact with silver.
* Werewolf 是一部讲述一个人自己变成狼人的故事。一只狼人也会与银发生不良反应。(死亡)

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本页描述了所有现有的和之前的 Fedora 版本号。那些十分老的版本的名字是由 Red Hat 的一小组人士制定的,但是在之后的版本成为社区的一部分。


Name n and n+1 must share an is-a (not a has-a) relationship, but n and n+2 must not share the same is-a relationship as n and n+1. The release names we put up for vote tend to have multiple meanings so as to allow us to select a new name with a different relationship for the next release. It is part of the fun!

Guidelines for release names


Fedora 19 (中文译名:薛定谔的猫)(Schrödinger's Cat)

Fedora 18 (中文译名:球形奶牛)(Spherical Cow)

Fedora 17 (中文译名:结实的奇迹)(Beefy Miracle)

Fedora 16 (中文译名:凡尔纳)(Verne)

Fedora 15 (中文译名:洛夫洛克)(Lovelock)

Fedora 14 (中文译名:劳克林)(Laughlin)

Fedora 13 (中文译名:戈达德)(Goddard)

Fedora 12 (中文译名:康斯坦丁)(Constantine)

Fedora 11 (Leonidas)

Fedora 10 (中文译名:剑桥)(Cambridge)

Fedora 9 (中文译名:硫)(Sulphur)

Fedora 8 (中文译名:狼人)(Werewolf)

Fedora 7 (Moonshine)

Fedora Core 6 (中文译名:佐德)(Zod)

Fedora Core 5 (中文译名:波尔多)(Bordeaux)

Fedora Core 4 (Stentz)

Fedora Core 3 (中文译名:海德尔堡)(Heidelberg)

Fedora Core 2 (中文译名:泰特南)(Tettnang)

Fedora Core 1 (中文译名:西洋蓍草)(Yarrow)