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To follow these directions, you need to be a member of the doc-writers group in FAS. More information is found on the Docs Project workflow page.


  1. Clone the git repository from Fedora Hosted:
    git clone ssh://
    If you already have a local copy, make sure you have the latest updates with a pull or merge. If you have unsaved changes, you may want to do a rebase. Please be careful with this repository!
  2. Open owners.list in a text editor.
  3. The components are stored in English alphabetical order by component name. Insert the new component in the appropriate location. Component names should be more specific than generic. For example, fedora-guide is too generic, whereas fedora-user-guide is better. Usually the component name and the repository name are the same.
  4. The entry follows this format:
    • The product is Fedora Documentation
    • The component is e.g. fedora-user-guide
    • The description is a short, one sentence description of the document.
    • The initialowner is the Bugzilla account name (email address) of the person who is assigned new bugs by default. This can only be one account.
    • The initialqacontact is the Bugzilla account name (email address) of the person who is assigned QA of new bugs by default. This can only be one account.
    • The initialcclist is a comma-separated list of Bugzilla accounts who are included in the Cc: field of new bugs by default.
  5. When the new line is complete, save the owners.list file.
  6. Commit owners.list with an appropriate message. It is recommended that you include details and pointers to relevant tracking information in the extended comment area:
    git add owners.list
    git commit
    An editor will open for you to make your comments. Use proper git format, which is a short comment of no more than 50 characters on the first line, followed optionally by a blank line and one or more lines of details. For example:
    Remove John Q. Public from CC list on foo-guide
    Per request by John, see:
Synchronization time required
Components are created automatically via a cronjob, usually within sixty minutes.

If you have any problems, either ask questions on #fedora-admin or file a bug in bugzilla against the Fedora product, bugzilla component.