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You should have signed the Fedora Individual Contributor License Agreement before contributing any content to the Sparkleshare repo. You may do so in the Fedora Account System.

What is SparkleShare?

SparkleShare is a 100% free and open source, cross-platform file sharing system started by Hylke Bons. The idea for the project came from the 2010 GNOME UX Hackfest. It's very similar to Dropbox or, but it is backed by the free and open source version control system git.

Basically, the way it works is that you will have a special folder on your computer, called 'Sparkleshare', and everything in that folder is also present in a version-controlled remote git repository. If you create a new file in a Sparkleshare folder, it will immediately be committed and pushed into the remote git repository, and everyone else who is using Sparkleshare to connect to that folder will be able to see the file you just created appear in their Sparkleshare folders. If someone else opens the file you just created and modifies it, their Sparkleshare client will automatically commit and push their changes to the repository, and you'll be able to see them in your Sparkleshare folder (and you'll get a handy notification!)

Sparkleshare is a great, free & open source way to collaborate on files, without worrying about manual version control or having to manually upload and broadcast links to your work.


You're going to need the following things before you can start following this tutorial!