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Recursos para los organizadores de eventos

Existe mucho por preparar antes de un evento. Esta guía busca ayudar a no olvidar alguna de estas partes.

¿Buscando ideas?

¿Cómo participar de un evento?

  • Visita la lista de Eventos Fedora y participa de uno existente y ya planeado para aprender cómo se deben hacer las cosas.

Organizando un evento

Primeros pasos

  • If you are involved in organizing an event for Fedora, please add it to the Fedora Events list, so others can easily find it.
  • It's a good idea to send an announcement to the ambassadors mailing list.
  • For the planning of an event we suggest that you setup up a wiki page with the event name as title and all relevant information. Take this template if you are not familiar with the wiki.
  • Attend the monthly ambassadors meetings to find helping hands and promote your event.


  • Big events like LinuxTag have a duration of 4 days. There has to be a person responsible for the accommodation aka is looking for a place to sleep. There are good reasons to stay at the same place because all ambassadors can eat together breakfast, it's easier to organize things for the leisure time, it helps save money and it's definitely more fun.


Please check the Logo Usage Guidelines and ask for a usage permission before using the Fedora Logo .

In western Europe are some textile banners available from LinuxTag 2007 .

Media and Flyers


  • If you have a small booth (only a small table), take your laptop with you and use it to show Fedora to the visitors.
  • At larger booth you have the issue that you need more hardware especially larger TFTs. A good solution is to check if there is a Red Hat office in this city and then ask the people there to help out with hardware. This works very well.
  • If needed, request an Event Box by filing a ticket in the appropriate regional Trac instance, if there is an event box available in your region.


  • The Ambassador Polo Shirt is, of course if possible, the standard shirt for European events. With this shirt there is a difference to other project.
  • Ambassador ButtonUp is available in NA.
  • We suggest that all attendees wear the same shirt. It's easier for the visitors to identify a representative of the booth this way.
  • Of course you are free in choice of your clothing but don't forget that you represent Fedora and not yourself. At a event we are more salesmen than somebody else.



  • Other ambassadors are always interested in your experience. What was good or bad? Where is potential to improve something?
  • If you have, show us some pictures of the event. This is a good resource to see how the booth layout was and the surroundings.
  • Join the monthly ambassadors meetings to recapitulate and answer open questions about the event.
  • Check Reporting Guidelines to get help