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  1. Send out an email announcement of the meeting (and optionally / twitter as well.)
  2. Run the meeting, using #topic, #action, #idea, and #link as much as you can remember to.
  3. Document the meeting, posting minutes to the design-team mailing list and to the wiki.

Step 1: Announcement

We usually have an email announcement sent out to the list the night before or the morning of the meeting.

  • Check out the last meeting's meeting notes for topics & action items and update the email template with them.
  • (optional) Send out a meeting announcement to Here is a sample:
    • join the !fedoradesign team today @ 1930 UTC (2:30 pm ET) for a #Fedora 15 wallpaper sketch party! #fedora-design on


Here is the email template:

Subject: Design team meeting today, 1900 UTC

Design dudes & design divas,

Yes, it's time for another action-packed, creativity-filled meeting of the minds! 
Meeting's on today in #fedora-design at 1900 UTC (2 pm Eastern US). 

Here's a rough agenda; if you have interest in any of the items below please feel 
free to comment here on list before the meeting or add additional items:

- Fedora 15 supplemental wallpaper submissions - how are we doing?

- FUDcon Tempe T-shirt design status update

- Fedora RPG

- Fedora 15 Default Wallpaper Sketch session!!!!

Again, the meeting will be in #fedora-design on, 1900 UTC.

Open action items:
1. mizmo to talk to gnome shell peeps re: suitable wallpapers /

See ya then,

Step 2: Running the Meeting

  • Join #fedora-design on
  • Start the meeting with #startmeeting in the channel
    • #startmeeting
  • Start with a roll call topic #topic roll call! and then change the topic as you move down each agenda item from the announcement.
    • #topic topic goes here
  • As something that needs to be done comes up, use #action.
    • #action Joe is going to design stickers for ticket #444.
  • As ideas or links come up, use #idea or #link with the details, for example:
    • #link A great design inspiration site!
    • #idea Flying ponies with Fedora brands on their behinds would be awesome!
  • When it's time to end the meeting use #endmeeting:
    • #endmeeting

Step 3: Documenting the Meeting

Here's the email template; obtain the meeting minutes links from what meetbot spits out at the end of the meeting. If you forgot to copy/paste and don't have scrollback for those links, find them at

Subject: 30 November 2010 meeting minutes

Hey everybody!

Thanks for another great meeting! Here's the minutes:


Minutes (text):


I also posted them to our wiki page here:

Mo Summary:

Topic: Fedora 15 supplemental wallpapers
• msourada recently received a bug from a user wanting to submit a
wallpaper. ( (mizmo,
• let's open up the submissions process now - supplemental submissions
are due 7 March 2011
• mizmo already made a new wiki page for submissions:
• msourada already made a blog post to open it up:
•  Fab did an awesome job of managing the supplemental wallpaper process
for F14. We need someone to do it for F15. Is anyone interested? (none
so far)

Topic: Fedora 15 default wallpaper
• Our codename is lovelock, any ideas on wallpapers for that?
• mizmo convinced steampunk is the way. what do you think?
• msourada already made a blog post to announce that we're taking idea
• Schendje will arrange a brainstorm/sketch session for F15 wallpapers 
• mizmo to talk to gnome shell peeps re: suitable wallpapers /

Topic: GNOME Shell Theming
• Emichan setup a wiki page for sharing screenshots/tips: 
• Emichan also noted you'll need the Gnome Shell theme reloader to make
theming easier:

Topic: FUDcon Tempe T-shirt Design
• Emichan's got some sketches to share; she'll send to the list as soon
as she can

Topic: Fedora RPG
• Fab came up with a great mockup; there's some good discussion here:
• Let's keep the thread alive, try to have another iteration by next


If there are any action items, you may also want to look at the meeting minutes action items section and copy/paste it into the mail too as a reminder for folks. The template doesn't include this.