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Contributing roles in the Internationalization (I18N) Project

Contributing roles
These are only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.

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OS Developer

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Echo-i18n-48px.png The Fedora Internationalization (I18N) Project

The Fedora I18N project works on internationalization (i18n) to support the localization (l10n) of Fedora in many languages.

Translation of Fedora software and documentation are handled by the Fedora L10N project .

The goals of the Project are to:

  • Develop, package, and maintain applications like input methods for different languages
  • Improve applications and utilities to support and process different languages
  • Quality-assure that existing applications meet i18n standards
  • Support the infrastructure of the Fedora Localization Project

Joining the Fedora Internationalization Project

  • To learn how to join Fedora Internationalization Project, please refer to the Join page.


Mailing Lists

  • i18n list - Discussions about internationalization of Fedora
  • i18n-bugs list - Fedora i18n bugs list

IRC channel

#fedora-i18n[?] on



  • kbd/im desktop integration
  • scm/koji commit mails to i18n-bugs
  • update remaining fonts to current guidelines
  • Unicode 5.2 and 6.0


  • libIMdkit
  • (gdm locale/kbd UI improvements)


Fedora I18n maintains a lot of Fedora packages related to i18n. There is a FAS pseudo-user i18n-team to help track our bugs.

For new approved i18n packages please use "InitialCC: i18n-team" in your CVSAdmin request.


Input Methods

Input Methods are used to input Asian and other languages.


A page of the Fonts Special Interest Group

  • See I18N/Fonts for Asian fonts in Fedora
  • there are many free/libre international fonts, already referenced in fontconfig defaults or packaged by other major distributions, languishing in the Fedora wishlist in wait for a packager.
  • Lohit Project. The Lohit fonts are a family of Indic fonts licensed under GPL.
  • Liberation Project The Liberation fonts are a family of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic fonts licensed under a free/libre license.
Pango language order
The language priority order that pango uses to render text can be set with the environment variable PANGO_LANGUAGE. For example setting PANGO_LANGUAGE to "ja:zh:ko" would prefer Japanese fonts, then Chinese and then Korean.

Fonts in Fedora
The Fonts SIG takes loving care of Fedora fonts. Please join this special interest group if you are interested in creating, improving, packaging, or just suggesting a font. Any help will be appreciated.

Adding Language Support

Minimum Criteria For Language Support (I18N)

See the page Language Support Criteria for the process (steps) for adding i18n support for a new language to Fedora.

How to Install/Remove Language Support

To install any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupinstall <language_name>-support
yum langinstall <locale_code>

e.g. to install Hindi language support use

yum groupinstall hindi-support
yum langinstall hi_IN

To remove any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupremove <language_name>-support
yum langremove <locale_code>

e.g. to remove Hindi language support use

yum groupremove hindi-support
yum langremove hi_IN

Country yum language group locale code
Afrikaans(SouthAfrica) af_ZA
Albanian sq_AL
Arabic(Algeria) arabic-support ar_DZ
Arabic(Bahrain) arabic-support ar_BH
Arabic(Egypt) arabic-support ar_EG
Arabic(India) arabic-support ar_IN
Arabic(Iraq) arabic-support ar_IQ
Arabic(Jordan) arabic-support ar_JO
Arabic(Kuwait) arabic-support ar_KW
Arabic(Lebanon) arabic-support ar_LB
Arabic(LibyanArabJamahiriya) arabic-support ar_LY
Arabic(Morocco) arabic-support ar_MA
Arabic(Oman) arabic-support ar_OM
Arabic(Qatar) arabic-support ar_QA
Arabic(SaudiArabia) arabic-support ar_SA
Arabic(Sudan) arabic-support ar_SD
Arabic(SyrianArabRepublic) arabic-support ar_SY
Arabic(Tunisia) arabic-support ar_TN
Arabic(UnitedArabEmirates) arabic-support ar_AE
Arabic(Yemen) arabic-support ar_YE
Assamese(India) assamese-support as_IN
Asturian(Spain) ast_ES
Basque(Spain) eu_ES
Belarusian be_BY
Bengali(BD) bengali-support bn_BD
Bengali(India) bengali-support bn_IN
Bosnian(BosniaandHerzegowina) bs_BA
Breton(France) br_FR
Bulgarian-Български bg_BG
Catalan(Spain) ca_ES
Chinese(HongKong) zh_HK
Chinese(P.R.ofChina)-中文(简体) simplified-chinese-support zh_CN
Chinese(Taiwan)-傳統漢語 traditional-chinese-support zh_TW
Cornish(Britain) kw_GB
Croatian hr_HR
Czech-Českárepublika cs_CZ
Danish-Dansk da_DK
Dutch(Belgium) nl_BE
Dutch(Netherlands) nl_NL
English(Australia) en_AU
English(Botswana) en_BW
English(Canada) en_CA
English(Denmark) en_DK
English(GreatBritain) en_GB
English(HongKong) en_HK
English(India) en_IN
English(Ireland) en_IE
English(NewZealand) en_NZ
English(Philippines) en_PH
English(Singapore) en_SG
English(SouthAfrica) en_ZA
English(USA) en_US
English(Zimbabwe) en_ZW
Estonian et_EE
Faroese(FaroeIslands) fo_FO
Finnish finnish-support fi_FI
French(Belgium) fr_BE
French(Canada) fr_CA
French(France)-Français fr_FR
French(Luxemburg) fr_LU
French(Switzerland) fr_CH
Galician(Spain) gl_ES
German(Austria) de_AT
German(Belgium) de_BE
German(Germany)-Deutsch de_DE
LowGerman(Germany)-Deutsch nds_DE
German(Luxemburg) de_LU
German(Switzerland) de_CH
Greek greek-support el_GR
Greenlandic(Greenland) kl_GL
Gujarati(India) gujarati-support gu_IN
Hebrew(Israel) hebrew-support he_IL
Hindi(India) hindi-support hi_IN
Hungarian hu_HU
Icelandic-Íslenska is_IS
Indonesian id_ID
Irish ga_IE
Italian(Italy)Italiano it_IT
Italian(Switzerland) it_CH
Japanese-日本語 japanese-support ja_JP
Kannada(India) kannada-support kn_IN
Kashmiri(India) kashmiri-support ks_IN
Korean(RepublicofKorea)-한국어 korean-support ko_KR
Lao(Laos) lo_LA
Latvian(Latvia) lv_LV
Lithuanian lt_LT
Macedonian mk_MK
Maithili(India) maithili-support mai_IN
Malayalam(India) malayalam-support ml_IN
Malay(Malaysia) ms_MY
Maltese(malta) mt_MT
ManxGaelic(Britain) gv_GB
Marathi(India) marathi-support mr_IN
NorthernSaami(Norway) se_NO
Nepali(Nepal) nepali-support ne_NP
Norwegian-Norsk nb_NO
Norwegian,Nynorsk(Norway)-Norsk nn_NO
Occitan(France) oc_FR
Oriya(India) oriya-support or_IN
Persian(Iran) persian-support fa_IR
Polish pl_PL
Portuguese(Brasil) pt_BR
Portuguese(Portugal)-Português pt_PT
Punjabi(India) punjabi-support pa_IN
Romanian ro_RO
Russian-Русский russian-support ru_RU
Russian(Ukraine) russian-support ru_UA
Serbian sr_RS
Serbian(Latin) sr_RS.UTF-8@latin
Sinhala sinhala-support si_LK
Slovak sk_SK
Slovenian(Slovenia)-slovenščina sl_SI
Spanish(Argentina) es_AR
Spanish(Bolivia) es_BO
Spanish(Chile) es_CL
Spanish(Colombia) es_CO
Spanish(CostaRica) es_CR
Spanish(DominicanRepublic) es_DO
Spanish(ElSalvador) es_SV
Spanish(Equador) es_EC
Spanish(Guatemala) es_GT
Spanish(Honduras) es_HN
Spanish(Mexico) es_MX
Spanish(Nicaragua) es_NI
Spanish(Panama) es_PA
Spanish(Paraguay) es_PY
Spanish(Peru) es_PE
Spanish(PuertoRico) es_PR
Spanish(Spain)-Español es_ES
Spanish(USA) es_US
Spanish(Uruguay) es_UY
Spanish(Venezuela) es_VE
Swedish(Finland) sv_FI
Swedish(Sweden)-Svenska sv_SE
Tagalog(Philippines) tl_PH
Tamil(India) tamil-support ta_IN
Telugu(India) telugu-support te_IN
Thai thai-support th_TH
Turkish tr_TR
Ukrainian uk_UA
Urdu(Pakistan) urdu-support ur_PK
Uzbek(Uzbekistan) uz_UZ
Walloon(Belgium) wa_BE@euro
Welsh(GreatBritain) cy_GB
Xhosa(SouthAfrica) xh_ZA
Zulu(SouthAfrica) zu_ZA

Reporting Bugs

Before you file a bug, please read through the list of current and previous bugs for the corresponding software package to determine if your bug has already been filed. If your bug does not exist, enter a bug report using the Bugzilla bug entry page . If your bug exists and has not been fixed, add additional information to the existing bug. If your bug exists and has been fixed, upgrade to the version in the bug report to determine if the bug was properly fixed. If it was not, reopen the bug.

See the I18n Bugs page for I18n related Bugzilla queries.

See the I18N Bugs Guidelines for reporting bugs.