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Fedora 11 Internationalization Test Plan


This document describes a test plan for Internationalization on Fedora 11 to find out unknown issues as much as possible and have a chance to get them fixed in a timely manner. this would helps to keep up a quality of distribution, particularly our Internationalization support from the purpose of this test plan.

Test Priority

There are a lot of software available on Fedora. so this document classifies them from the type of the requirement in comps and set a priority as the following order.

  1. mandatory
  2. default
  3. conditional
  4. optional


This plan would be supposed to test Internationalization support on Fedora for:

  1. Rendering on display
    1. Rendering engines to draw glyphs properly
    2. Fonts
  2. Input with/without Input Method
  3. Printing

Test Cases