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This page provides Language support matrix for Indic scripts for various components.

How to Install/Remove any Language support

To install any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupinstall <language_name>-support

e.g. to install Hindi language support use

yum groupinstall hindi-support.

To remove any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupremove <language_name>-support

e.g. to remove Hindi language support use

yum groupremove hindi-support.

Fonts list

  • Languages that are supported in glibc are shown in green colour
  • Languages that are not supported in glibc are shown in red colour
Language Default Font package Other available Fonts
Assamese lohit-assamese-fonts
Bengali lohit-bengali-fonts
Gujarati lohit-gujarati-fonts samyak-gujarati-fonts
Hindi lohit-hindi-fonts sarai-fonts, samyak-devanagari-fonts
Kannada lohit-kannada-fonts
Kashmiri lohit-kashmiri-fonts
Maithili lohit-maithili-fonts
Malayalam smc-meera-fonts lohit-malayalam-fonts, smc-anjalioldlipi-fonts, smc-dyuthi-fonts, smc-kalyani-fonts, smc-rachana-fonts, smc-raghumalayalam-fonts, smc-suruma-fonts, samyak-malayalam-fonts
Marathi lohit-marathi-fonts
Nepali madan-fonts lohit-nepali-fonts
Oriya lohit-oriya-fonts samyak-oriya-fonts
Punjabi lohit-punjabi-fonts saab-fonts
Sindhi lohit-sindhi-fonts
Sinhala lklug-fonts
Tamil lohit-tamil-fonts samyak-tamil-fonts
Telugu lohit-telugu-fonts pothana2000-fonts

Required packages for using Input method

Iok-Indic Onscreen Virtual Keyboard
If Inscript keymap is available for any Indic language then iok application can be used to input characters for that language.

To use any Indic keyboard layout required packages to be installed are ibus, ibus-m17n, m17n-lib, m17n-db and m17n-contrib (alternatively scim and scim-m17n as well as uim and uim-m17n can be used instead of ibus). Keyboard layouts are stored in *.mim files which are installed from m17n-db and m17n-contrib packages.

To know more about iBus check the IBus page .

To know more about scim check the SCIM page .

Keyboard Layouts

Default Keymap
If Inscript keymap is available for any language then that is used as default keymap.
Language Inscript Itrans Phonetic Typewriter Others
Assamese yes yes yes N/A N/A
Bengali yes yes N/A N/A Probhat
Chhattisgarhi N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gujarati yes yes yes N/A N/A
Hindi yes yes yes yes remington
Kannada yes yes N/A N/A Kgp
Kashmiri N/A N/A N/A N/A
Konkani N/A N/A N/A N/A
Maithili yes N/A N/A N/A
Malayalam yes yes N/A N/A Mozhi, Swanalekha
Marathi yes yes yes N/A N/A
Nepali N/A N/A N/A N/A Rom, Trad
Oriya yes yes yes N/A N/A
Punjabi yes yes yes N/A Jhelum
Sanskrit N/A N/A N/A N/A harvard-kyoto
Sindhi yes N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sinhala N/A N/A N/A N/A Wijesekera, Samanala, phonetic-dynamic, phonetic-static, trans
Tamil yes yes yes yes Tamil99, lk-renganathan
Telugu yes yes N/A N/A Apple, Pothana, Rts


Fedora 9 onwards we have hunspell packages as part of spell checker dictionary support for all major applications and default GNOME/KDE spell checking. But still some packages are using aspell dictionaries.The preference order for various dictionaries is defined currently in /usr/share/enchant/enchant.ordering file.

Fedora 11 onwards we have hyphen packages as part of hyphenation dictionary support for applications.

Language hunspell hyphen
Assamese hunspell-as N/A
Bengali hunspell-bn hyphen-sa
Chhattisgarhi N/A N/A
Gujarati hunspell-gu hyphen-gu
Hindi hunspell-hi hyphen-hi
Kannada hunspell-kn hyphen-kn
Kashmiri N/A N/A
Konkani N/A N/A
Maithili N/A N/A
Malayalam hunspell-ml hyphen-ml
Marathi hunspell-mr N/A
Nepali hunspell-ne N/A
Oriya hunspell-or hyphen-or
Punjabi hunspell-pa hyphen-pa
Sanskrit N/A hyphen-sa
Sindhi N/A N/A
Sinhala N/A N/A
Tamil hunspell-ta hyphen-ta
Telugu hunspell-te hyphen-te