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This page provides Language support matrix for Indic scripts for various components.

How to Install/Remove any Language support

To install any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupinstall <language_name>-support

e.g. to install Hindi language support use

yum groupinstall hindi-support.

To remove any language support in your Fedora Desktop you need to use following command

yum groupremove <language_name>-support

e.g. to remove Hindi language support use

yum groupremove hindi-support.

Fonts list

  • Languages that are supported in glibc are shown in green colour
  • Languages that are not supported in glibc are shown in red colour
Language Default Font package Other available Fonts
Assamese lohit-assamese-fonts
Bengali lohit-bengali-fonts
Gujarati lohit-gujarati-fonts samyak-gujarati-fonts
Hindi lohit-hindi-fonts sarai-fonts, samyak-devanagari-fonts
Kannada lohit-kannada-fonts
Kashmiri lohit-kashmiri-fonts
Maithili lohit-maithili-fonts
Malayalam smc-meera-fonts lohit-malayalam-fonts, smc-anjalioldlipi-fonts, smc-dyuthi-fonts, smc-kalyani-fonts, smc-rachana-fonts, smc-raghumalayalam-fonts, smc-suruma-fonts, samyak-malayalam-fonts
Marathi lohit-marathi-fonts
Nepali madan-fonts lohit-nepali-fonts
Oriya lohit-oriya-fonts samyak-oriya-fonts
Punjabi lohit-punjabi-fonts
Sindhi lohit-sindhi-fonts
Sinhala lklug-fonts
Tamil lohit-tamil-fonts samyak-tamil-fonts
Telugu lohit-telugu-fonts

Required packages for using Input method

To use any Indic keyboard layout required packages to be installed are ibus, ibus-m17n, m17n-lib, m17n-db and m17n-contrib (alternatively scim and scim-m17n as well as uim and uim-m17n can be used instead of ibus). Keyboard layouts are stored in *.mim files which are installed from m17n-db and m17n-contrib packages.

To know more about iBus check the IBus page .

To know more about scim check the SCIM page .

Keyboard Layouts

Default Keymap
If Inscript keymap is available for any language then that is used as default keymap.
Language Inscript Itrans Phonetic Typewriter Others
Assamese yes yes yes N/A N/A
Bengali yes yes N/A N/A Probhat
Chhattisgarhi N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gujarati yes yes yes N/A N/A
Hindi yes yes yes yes remington
Kannada yes yes N/A N/A Kgp
Kashmiri N/A N/A N/A N/A
Konkani N/A N/A N/A N/A
Maithili yes N/A N/A N/A
Malayalam yes yes N/A N/A Mozhi, Swanalekha
Marathi yes yes yes N/A N/A
Nepali N/A N/A N/A N/A Rom, Trad
Oriya yes yes yes N/A N/A
Punjabi yes yes yes N/A Jhelum
Sanskrit N/A N/A N/A N/A harvard-kyoto
Sindhi yes N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sinhala N/A N/A N/A N/A Wijesekera, Samanala, phonetic-dynamic, phonetic-static, trans
Tamil yes yes yes yes Tamil99, lk-renganathan
Telugu yes yes N/A N/A Apple, Pothana, Rts


Fedora 9 onwards we have hunspell packages as part of spell checker dictionary support for all major applications and default GNOME/KDE spell checking. But still some packages are using aspell dictionaries.The preference order for various dictionaries is defined currently in /usr/share/enchant/enchant.ordering file.

Fedora 11 onwards we have hyphen packages as part of hyphenation dictionary support for applications.

Language hunspell hyphen
Assamese N/A N/A
Bengali hunspell-bn hyphen-sa
Chhattisgarhi N/A N/A
Gujarati hunspell-gu hyphen-gu
Hindi hunspell-hi hyphen-hi
Kannada N/A hyphen-kn
Kashmiri N/A N/A
Konkani N/A N/A
Maithili N/A N/A
Malayalam hunspell-ml hyphen-ml
Marathi hunspell-mr N/A
Nepali hunspell-ne N/A
Oriya hunspell-or hyphen-or
Punjabi hunspell-pa hyphen-pa
Sanskrit N/A hyphen-sa
Sindhi N/A N/A
Sinhala N/A N/A
Tamil hunspell-ta hyphen-ta
Telugu hunspell-te hyphen-te