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2009-07-29 0500 UTC on #fedora-i18n at Freenode




tagoh3 ok, shall we have IM meeting then Jul 29 14:00
tagoh3 well, if anyone else have any particular agendas, the main focus would be bugs this week too Jul 29 14:01
tagoh3,ASSIGNED,MODIFIED Jul 29 14:02
tagoh3^ibus-.*&bug_status=NEW,ASSIGNED,MODIFIED Jul 29 14:02
tagoh3,im-chooser,libgxim&bug_status=NEW,ASSIGNED,MODIFIED Jul 29 14:02
Kaio phuang_ which fedora you are using to dev ibus? Jul 29 14:03
phuang_ f11 Jul 29 14:03
tagoh3 phuang_: do you have anything you want to talk aboug ibus bugs here? Jul 29 14:04
tagoh3 phuang_: I see you are working on ibus-qt though Jul 29 14:04
phuang_ tagoh3, I am working on ibus-qt. and the workable ibus-qt im module is ready Jul 29 14:04
tagoh3 yep. sure Jul 29 14:04
phuang_ maybe you want to test Jul 29 14:04
tagoh3 cool. yep, I'll do Jul 29 14:05
phuang_ For other bugs, I don't have anything to update Jul 29 14:05
tagoh3 ok Jul 29 14:05
dychen phuang_: BTW, do you want to talk about the patent today? Jul 29 14:06
phuang_ dychen, right Jul 29 14:06
phuang_ I am not sure what can we do foe patent. Do you have any ideas? Jul 29 14:06
dychen Apparent IBus itself can be patented.. Jul 29 14:07
dychen s/Apparent/Apparently/ Jul 29 14:07
phuang_ dychen, ? Jul 29 14:08
phuang_ dychen, I am not familiar what kind of things can be a patent Jul 29 14:08
dychen Um, I guess some innovative, and the one that require some hard work. Jul 29 14:09
Kaio phuang_ so need to upgrade ibus to 1.2 first? but it also depend new glib... Jul 29 14:09
tagoh3 hmm, I thought it's to prevent violating the existing patents or to check if ibus and engines is violating or not. Jul 29 14:10
*dychen got this impression on some internal train couple months ago. Jul 29 14:10
phuang_ Kaio, yeah. You could build them from srpm by self Jul 29 14:10
Kaio phuang_ ok thx Jul 29 14:10
phuang_ tagoh3, maybe both Jul 29 14:11
Kaio so the patent person is invited by fedora? Jul 29 14:11
tagoh3 phuang_: aha Jul 29 14:11
dychen Not quite sure about the engines... Jul 29 14:11
tagoh3 wish it won't be a sensitive issue. Jul 29 14:11
tagoh3 anyway, back to bugs - how about engines bugs? any progress on them? Jul 29 14:12
dychen She use the term: "patentable", maybe they want to make a defensive patent. Jul 29 14:13
phuang_ maybe Jul 29 14:14
tagoh3 dychen: that's good then - dunno if there are anything. since there are any companies is mainly working on it and shipping, they may have already patented as much as possible. Jul 29 14:14
phuang_ How about engines? somethings may be patentable? Jul 29 14:14
tagoh3 well, I see jensp has cleaned up ibus-anthy bugs recently. but still many bugs there. Jul 29 14:16
tagoh3 dunno if our package is out of date to upstream though. guess it may be good to try upstream first? hmm Jul 29 14:17
phuang_ right. Jul 29 14:18
tagoh3 ok Jul 29 14:18
tagoh3 phuang_: have you had any chance to review an rough idea to improve imsettings for current issues yet? Jul 29 14:20
phuang_ tagoh3, ok. I will review it Jul 29 14:20
tagoh3 phuang_: it would be appreciated if you have any comments as IM developer. Jul 29 14:20
tagoh3 phuang_: cool. thanks Jul 29 14:20
<--Kaio has quit (Remote host closed the connection) Jul 29 14:21
tagoh3 dychen, Kaio: anything else you want to bring up? Jul 29 14:22
dychen tagoh3: Working on ibus-chewing and ibus-table-array30 bugs. Jul 29 14:23
tagoh3 ok Jul 29 14:23
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tagoh3 Kaio: anything you want to talk about? Jul 29 14:27
Kaio tagoh3 no thx Jul 29 14:27
Kaio tagoh3 added ibus-table-{xinhua,quick,translit} to rawhide Jul 29 14:28
tagoh3 aha. thanks for that Jul 29 14:28
Kaio tagoh3 liberation-fonts has better SFD with traditional kern table Jul 29 14:28
Kaio np Jul 29 14:28
tagoh3 okay. if there aren't anything else topics we want to discuss here, let's close this week's meeting shortly then. Jul 29 14:29
Kaio short and nice meeting Jul 29 14:30
phuang_ Kaio, translit is for which language? Jul 29 14:30
Kaio phuang_ russian Jul 29 14:30
Kaio phuang_ and ukranine Jul 29 14:30
Kaio afaik Jul 29 14:30
phuang_ Kaio, But some one told me. this table specifies Chinese as this language Jul 29 14:31
phuang_ Kaio, maybe a typo:) Jul 29 14:31
tagoh3 better filing a bug then :) Jul 29 14:32
Kaio phuang_ I shouldve tag w/ russian in google code ;) Jul 29 14:32
phuang_ :) Jul 29 14:32
phuang_ the last thing, I submitted ibus-qt package review. who can review it? Jul 29 14:33
Kaio parag? Jul 29 14:33
tagoh3 phuang_: is it a separate package now? Jul 29 14:33
phuang_ yeah Jul 29 14:34
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tagoh3 aha Jul 29 14:34
phuang_ a separated project Jul 29 14:34
tagoh3 phuang_: do you plan to have ibus-gtk as a separate project say? Jul 29 14:35
tagoh3 *as well Jul 29 14:35
phuang_ no Jul 29 14:35
tagoh3 ok. got it Jul 29 14:35
<--Kaio has quit (Remote host closed the connection) Jul 29 14:35
paragan Kaio, I can review. just thought lets check if anyone else is also interested in ibus-qt review Jul 29 14:36
phuang_ ibus-qt uses cmake as its build system. The qt project can not be integrated with autotools easily Jul 29 14:36
tagoh3 right Jul 29 14:37
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tagoh3 well, so we may need to have a kind of hack in ibus.conf to use ibus-qt if it's available Jul 29 14:38
tagoh3 as we did for scim and scim-bridge-qt say Jul 29 14:39
tagoh3 okay, anything else? Jul 29 14:41
tagoh3 thanks everyone for the meeting and great works and keep up your efforts on making better IM. Jul 29 14:43

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