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How to Install/Remove Urdu Language support

To install Urdu language support use

yum groupinstall urdu-support

To remove Urdu language support use

yum groupremove urdu-support

Language iso code Locale code Default Font package Input method fontconfig anaconda comps
Urdu ur ur_IN paktype-naqsh-fonts,paktype-tehreer-fonts ur-phonetic.mim yes no yes

Fonts list

Language Locale code Default Font package Other available Fonts
Urdu ur_IN paktype-naqsh-fonts,paktype-tehreer-fonts paktype-naskh-basic-farsi-fonts, paktype-naqsh-fonts, paktype-ajrak-fonts, paktype-tehreer-fonts, paktype-naskh-basic-fonts, paktype-naskh-basic-sa-fonts, paktype-naskh-basic-urdu-fonts, paktype-naskh-basic-sindhi-fonts, nafees-naskh-fonts, nafees-nastaleeq-fonts, nafees-pakistani-naskh-fonts, nafees-riqa-fonts, nafees-tehreer-naskh-fonts, nafees-web-naskh-fonts, google-droid-sans-fonts, sil-lateef-fonts,sil-scheherazade-fonts

Keyboard Layouts

Language Default Inscript Itrans Phonetic Others
Urdu - - - yes -


Language hunspell hyphen
Urdu N/A N/A