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(People assistant)
(People assistant)
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== People assistant ==
== People assistant ==
<strike>*Average of 40 people of 4º ESO</strike>
*<strike>Average of 40 people of 4º ESO</strike>
<strike>*Average of 40 people of Bachillerato too</strike>
*<strike>Average of 40 people of Bachillerato too</strike>
<strike>**Maybe can be 100 more less.</strike>
**<strike>Maybe can be 100 more less.</strike>
'''Average was changed''':
'''Average was changed''':

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[edit] Summary

Presentations for ESO (High school students) and bachillerato students, will take place on IES Agustin Espinosa. This high school is situated on nearly center of Arrecife city, on Lanzarote. Lanzarote is a island of Canary Islands.

[edit] Topics

  • What about Fedora Project?
    • What is it
    • Who formed that
    • What's values share
    • How to get it
    • How to contribute

[edit] Organizers

If you want join to help me, please send an email

[edit] Date and Time

  • Monday, April 8th 2013 -> For bach students
  • Monday, April 11th 2013 -> For 4º"*" students

Latest news: Due to a number of problems with the package. One event was cancelled, and other event was changed to Monday 22th.

For Bachillerato technology students will be today (17th) at 1:05 PM. Waiting to confirm Monday, 22th for 4ºESO students.

[edit] Address

  • Street: Coronel Bens
  • Number: 7
  • City: Arrecife
  • Postal Code: 35500
  • Province: Las Palmas
  • Country: Spain

[edit] Registration

  • Not required, but this event is only for students of 4ºESO, 1º and 2º of bachillerato of this high school.

[edit] Event information

  • Talks about What's Fedora Project, Linux, GNU...and more.

[edit] Language

  • Spanish

[edit] Budget

  • 30 DVDs of Multi-Desktop F18
  • 30 stickers Fedora Project (Logo)
  • 5 stickers of multi-sizes (Page)

[edit] People assistant

  • Average of 40 people of 4º ESO
  • Average of 40 people of Bachillerato too
    • Maybe can be 100 more less.

Average was changed:

  • 10 people of Bachillerato
  • Average 60 students of 4º ESO

[edit] Blogs and Reports

  • Not yet