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Indonesian Linux Conference 2012 (ILC) is a nationwide annual event for activies, users, observers and open source community especially the operating system GNU / Linux. ILC the beginning as a discussion of the activists and activists GNU / Linux throughout Indonesia, it is not just a discussion, but has become a series of events that begins with seminars, workshops, training, exhibitions, and at the end of the show closed with a discussion.

Event Details :

  • Venue: Sport Hall – Kampus STIKI
  • Date: 15-16 September 2012
  • Time : 08.00am

Contributor need to sponsored :


We are from FAms-id wanna represent a fedora-id in there, we have several planning in there, our main purpose to represent Fedora in that event and also :

  • Solve the problem internal in fedora-id
  • We can meet with others FAms-Id and Open Source activist in there, so we can planning our next event and task for fedora-id.
  • will update soon

Budget :

Item Price Note
Airfare for jurankdankkal USD 547 KL-Malang (return)
Airfare for sentabi USD 180 Jakarta-Malang (return)
Hotel USD 130 3 nights for 2 people
T-Shirt USD 30 2 T-Shirt for 2 people
Taxi USD 30 Taxi Cost from Airport to Hotel (return)

Ticket Link

Event Report