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Fedora Events: Workshop at IMPS - Malda, West Bengal, India

About The Workshop

The main idea behind the seminars and workshops are to to give a proper idea how students and teachers can work on projects which people use worldwide using Free and Open Source Software and how Fedora can help them as a project and as a community.


  • Overview of Fedora Project
  • Quick overview of installation process.
  • Using yum and system-config-* tools
  • How to communicate in FOSS world (IRC, Mailing lists)
  • Basic introduction to python
  • GUI programming in GNU/Linux using Gtk/Qt
  • How to use different source code management tools (git/svn)
  • Wiki howto

Date & Location


  • Manasija Bhattacharya
  • Amartya Ghosh (+919477358664
  • Arup Chakrabarty (+919734005926))
  • Kushal Das (+919372864402)


  • N/A


  • N/A