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IRC support operators are selected using the following process:

a) New support operator is proposed/sponsored by an existing support operator. This sponsor also opens a trac ticket about the nomination. (This ticket should note what channel this is for and any related into about the candidate).

b) existing operators gather feedback however they like (talking to new candidate, looking at logs, talking to each other, etc) for a period of 1 week.

c) existing operators can vote in the ticket or at the following weeks meeting.

d) simple majority of at least three votes cast decides things.

e) then new candidate is given a 1 month trial for this period the probationary operator will have +o in the channel via Fedbot. Voting process repeats at the end to make them perm.

Note that this process is for only

#fedora/#fedora-social/#fedora-ops/#fedora-unregistered. Other channels are out of the scope of this and use their own process.

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