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Who Am I

My name is Ilyes Gouta and I'm a Senior Software Engineer. I'm originally from Sousse and work in Tunis. Both are main towns from Tunisia. Tunis/Sousse on Google Map


I've been seriously using Fedora since the Fedora Core 5 days, however I've started experiencing with Linux since the RedHat 5 and Mandrake 7 days (which came with the early KDE 1.1 desktop and Qt 1.44). Throughout the time I had the opportunity to try out many distributions such as SuSE, Debian and more recently Ubuntu but for some reasons I kept going back to Fedora. I like Fedora because it has always been a distribution that comes with bleeding-edge software and that has a very solid community supporting it. You get all the latest tools, software and kernel configured properly to start doing what you do. My main interest being software development (including device drivers), I find that Fedora served well my needs.

Open Source

I participated in the development of a couple of device drivers (m560x-driver) for the ALi M5602 and M5603C based webcams. These are USB bridges for a variety of sensors. I wrote also a V4L2 user-space companion program livecam that helped a lot debugging the driver. This was a team work and recently the m5602 driver was included into the mainline kernel.


I attended a couple of Software Freedom Events performed here in Tunis. I found that my home town, Sousse, wasn't fairly represented so I decided to become a Fedora Ambassador. I intend to spread the Fedora love whenever possible. :)


  • E-mail: ilyes .DOT. gouta .AT. gmail .DOT. com
  • IRC: breaker19