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Appendix A: The Documentation Workflow Cycle

Note: The following documentation workflow is inspired by comments by Paolo Borelli, which appear on the aforementioned GNOME Sarma project page, Discussions with Karsten Wade and Paul W. Frields also heavily contributed to this concept. It's included here as a discussion point. (The artwork is mine) - JohnBabich

The four stages in the Documentation Workflow Cycle (Patent Pending - Not!) are:

  • Static content, posted on website, generated automatically from CVS or equivalent version control system. This function would be enhanced by Plone in our scenario.
  • Distributive editing, where writer edits documentation online wiki-style or offline with tagline-capable editor. The writer gets task assignments through Bugzilla. Material edited offline is reposted to the wiki for review and/or further revision by team members.
  • Editorial review, wiki content reviewed by editors, before it is checked into CVS. Editorial functions include document version tracking, selection of best material from multiple versions, spell checking, and conversion of text to DocBook for storage in CVS. Note that DocBook conversion may be done manually or automatically.
  • Persistent storage, edited DocBook document is checked into the version control system, along with its revision history. Source Control Management (SCM) can be performed using a variety of packages. The Fedora Project currently uses CVS, while Plone uses Subversion for its SCM.
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