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2020 post datacenter move - known issues

This is a page to track known issues after the Fedora Infrastructure Datacenter move in 2020 from phx2 to iad2 and rdu2.

rdu2 datacenter

These items will take longer as they need the network to be reorganized:

  • communishift - communishift cluster is still off line, work is ongoing to bring it back up.
  • power builders for copr - power builders for copr are still offline, work is ongoing to bring them back up.
  • aarch64 / armv7 test instances for packages - still offline, work is ongoing to bring them back up.
  • x86_64 resources for copr are still offline.

iad2 datacenter

  • some openqa alternative arch machines are back up. Another power9 and aarch64 host are pending


  • Staging is mostly back up.
  • koji in staging is pending aarch64/armv7 and ppc64le builders to fully be working again
  • Ongoing work for ssh access to things as we are switching to sssd and noggin in staging

Applications not moved