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OpenID Connect Authentication

Fedora Infrastructure is using OpenID Connect authentication, and this page is used to document the implementation details.

For development purposes, there is For staging and production client secrets please file an Infrastructure ticket.


Some basic terminology required to read this page:

  • OpenID Provider (OP): the Ipsilon deployment, this is the part that does user authentication and issues tokens
  • Identity Provider (IdP): see OpenID Provider
  • Relying Party (RP): any application that runs the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Resource Server: any application that accepts tokens issued by the OpenID Provider.
  • UserInfo: HTTP endpoint provided by Ipsilon to provide information about the user that authorized a token.

Endpoint URLs

Suggested implementations

For Flask, the suggested client is Flask-OIDC, for both clients and resource servers. For other clients, no clients have been suggested at this point, please get in touch if you have suggestions.

Custom UserInfo fields

Field Summary Scope required (check table below for the namespace of these scopes)
groups List of groups the user is a member of groups
cla List of CLA URIs the user hs signed cla


OAuth2/OpenID Connect scopes are specific strings that indicate for what use a particular token was requested. When a token is issued, the user was asked whether or not they consented to the particular set of permissions indicated by the token. For example, only tokens that were requested containing the scope can be used at Anitya for updating upstream project information. A token can contain many possible scopes, all of which have been authorized by the user.

In the Fedora Infrastructure, various applications are defined that specify various possible token scopes. These scopes are recorded here.

Every service will first list it's base namespace, and then the scope ID and a short summary of the scopes. To get the full scope to request, append the scope ID to the base namespace. So for example, to get the group information, this becomes:

The "Availability" line indicates whether this scope is live on the development, staging and production identity provider. A scope might not have progressed further because the application implementing it is only in a certain stage of development. This should only be edited by the infrastructure member that progresses the scope out further.

Registering new scopes

To register a new set of scopes, please feel free to just create a new section and then file a ticket on to get them added to the development instance.

Also, once the scopes are finalized, please open a second ticket on to request the scopes be added to the staging/production systems.

To add new scopes to an existing project, add a second table with the new scopes to the relevant section, follow the above process, and then merge the two tables back into one after the scopes are fully deployed.


These scopes are standardized, and not namespaced.

Availability: Development, Staging, Production.

Scope ID Claims provided
openid - This one is *required* for OpenID Connect requests
profile name, nickname, preferred_nickname, profile, zoneinfo, locale, updated_at
email email


Base namespace:

Availability: Development, Staging, Production.

Scope ID Summary
groups Provides the "groups" attribute in the User Info.
cla Providees the "cla" attribute in the User Info.

Base namespace:

Note: is used here in the sense of "the upstream project that maintains the Anitya software", and hence these scope names are used regardless of where any given Anitya instance is deployed

Availability: Development

Scope ID Summary
upstream Permission to register new upstream projects for monitoring
downstream Permission to register new distros and new upstream/downstream mappings

Base namespace:

Availability: Staging, Production

Scope ID Summary
submit-build Permission to submit new module builds

Base namespace:

Availability: Development, Staging

Scope ID Summary
create-waiver Permission to create new waivers

Base namespace:

Availability: Staging, Production

Scope ID Summary
scope Full access to your beaker account.

Base namespace:

Availability: Development,Staging,Production

Scope ID Summary
new-compose Permission to create a new compose
renew-compose Permission to renew a compose
delete-compose Permission to delete a compose

Base namespace:


Scope ID Summary
comment Post new comments and votes
create-update Submit new updates
edit-update Edit updates
request-update Request batched or stable
revoke-update Revoke an update
create-override Submit new override
edit-override Edit override
expire-override Expire an override

Base namespace:

Availability: Staging, Production

Scope ID Summary
api Full API access